Generally used rodent repellants like rat cakes, Sprays, nets, etc.. are ineffective against rodent attacks. These attacks result inextensive damage to engine components, cables and other parts. Rodent inflicted damage leads to breakdowns that are costly to repair and take time to resolve.
Rodent Repellant Coating is a specially developed formulation which repels rodents from the engine bay and entry areas like the wheel arch. This 'barier' coating prevents unexpected damage caused by rodents.

Rodent Repellant Treatement Process By WaxWorks

  • The customer is informed about defects and damages in the vehicle after inspection
  • Engine bay wash
  • Engine bay cleaning
  • Engine bay polishing
  • Engine bay rat repellant spray


Hatch Back Sedan SUV & MUV Luxury
RODENT-REPELLANT 999 1500 2499 2499