Motor Care


Motor Care is a superb product for the care and protection of the entire engine compartment. It protects the engine from rust and oxidation and helps revive original factory materials. A clean engine keeps things running more smoothly and repairs are easier to find and complete. We at our services first clean the engine by pressure wash. Engine Cleaner is sprayed and allowed to dwell for few minutes to react. Pressure wash is followed. Thus extending the work life of engine. To provide a fresh and new look to the engine, we provide the best motor care using superior products. Our methods are absolutely secure and do not harm any part or component. The application forms a transparent, heat-permeable, protective coating, which is resistant against chemicals, aging, heat and weathering. It helps to maintain good temperature stability giving new shine to the engine.

Motor Care Process By WaxWorks

  • Protects, maintain and can help restore metal, aluminium, plastic and rubber parts as new.
  • Treatment helps keep painted and chromed surfaces in their original condition.
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures reached in the engine compartment with no loss of protection quality.
  • Forms a resilient, water and damp-repellent film, which helps protect your engine's metal and electrical connections from rust and oxidation.
  • Helps to keep away dirt, grime and dust and will not yellow with age.
  • Contains no silicone.
  • Regular Motor Care treatments helps maintain your engine compartment, giving it an enduring fresh, clean & new effect.
  • complete engine cleaning and polishing.


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