Among Interior and exterior car wash, Our exterior detailing involves many steps to make your car look great. The first step is to pre-wash the exterior surface to remove dust and other particles. Next, we will clean paint and rejuvenated as necessary to make the paint surface look great. Then we will apply protection to the paint surface to keep it glowing. In the final step, all other exterior surfaces are detailed. Before we begin Exterior detailing, We Conduct an inspection of the outside of the vehicle, Check the bumpers, Spoilers, rocker panels for scrapes, to ensure there is no foreign material deposited on them. Hence we provide you the best Interior and Exterior car wash in the market.
Waxworks maintain the visual beauty as well as functional by giving you the best car cleaning services in the city at best and affordable prices. We fight against stubborn stains in the interior as well as exterior to make your car look like a brand new. We concentrate on all the corners of the car where dust particles try to hide and hunt them to give you a healthier and cleaner interior. waxworks detailing includes vacuum cleaning, dressing of bumper, dry cleaning of seats and covers, windshields, and wax coating applied to give your car shiny surfaces. Car washing and detailing plays an important role in keeping your car look great. Get your car near waxworks once, instead of going for car services near me, and we will take care of the rest. We promise you, our car cleaning services provide you cost effective and the best service you have ever seen.

Exterior Car Cleaning Process By WaxWorks

  • Dry wash
  • Tar removal
  • Salt mark removal
  • water mark removal
  • paint removal
  • Alloy wheel cleaning
  • Engine polish and glass cleaning
  • Door side cleaning
  • Bonnet cleaning
  • Beeding cleaning
  • Rubbing
  • Glaze(shine)
  • Wax(smoothing)
  • Tyre polish


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